DM-590 DMR VHF UHF military rugged waterproof digital radio

                        DM-590 & DM-600 as a series products, used same TDMA technology & maintains that two-slot 12.5KHz TDMA-based systems.

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                          Black Aluminium case
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                        DMR VHF UHF military rugged waterproof digital radio

                        DM-590 provides adavantages of features flexibility, lower equipment costs, longer battery life, feature-readiness, and the proven ability to increase spectral efficiency without risking increased congestion or interference.

                        Advantages of this model:

                        1, Aluminium shell, rugged design meets military level.

                        2, Crystal-clear audio, strong signal allows the realtime of conversation.

                        3, Super large battery capacity to make sure the long time standby.

                        4, Waterproof design


                        Up to 3000 channels

                        Easy migrate from analog channel to digital channel

                        Wide/narrow band
                        Hands free VOX

                        Busy channel lockout

                        Low battery alerts
                        Battery save
                        High/low power

                        Emergency alarm

                        Kill/ Reactivate


                        Private call/ group call/ all call

                        16 bits& 128 bits Digital encryption

                        Technical parameters



                        Channel capacity
                        3000 channels
                        Channel spacing
                        DC 7.4V
                        Working mode
                        Same frequency simplex or different frequency simplex
                        Removable antenna
                        Frequency stability
                        20 ~ 60
                        Battery 2200mAh
                        141mm X 61mm X 33mmdoesn’t include belt clip
                        292doesn’t include belt clip
                        RF output power
                        1.5W/5W (0.5W Digital PMR446)
                        Current ≤1.5A(H) ; ≤1A(L)
                        Modulation mode(Analogue) 16KФF3E/11KФF3E
                        Modulation mode(Digtal)
                        Maximum frequency deviationW/N
                        Maximum frequency deviation(Digital) 1.94KHz±0.05KHz
                        Adjacent channel power ≥-65dB(W)/ ≥-60dB(N)
                        BER(TX) 5%
                        Analog RX sensitivityW/N
                        Audio distortion
                        Audio respond 1dB--3dB
                        Audio output power
                        1W8 ?
                        BER(RX) -119dBm(BER≤5%)
                        Digital protocol ESTI-TS 102 361-1-2-3
                        Vocoder type AMBE+2TM
                        Adjacent channel power
                        Intermodulation ≥60dB

                        Note: The above parameters are subject to change without prior notice!

                        dmr waterproof vhf uhf radio

                        Click this link to check the full keypad version-- DM-600

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                        Leave a message
                        If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.





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